February Ink and Toner Update


Whether you’re a SOHO, SMB or large corporation, cutting costs and increasing efficiency is essential. Printing costs are often ignored, but simple changes in working practice can reduce the annual amount spent on print and if you are deciding to buy a new printer or need to get the most out of your current device, by purchasing your hardware and consumables from me at Wessex Networks, you can be reassured you are always getting the most competitive prices and the RIGHT product to begin with!


Since my January update for you one thing has become very apparent… more and more of my business customers are purchasing new printers and requesting Wi-Fi capabilities! The speed of which wireless networking and connectivity is developing is hardly surprising. With the convenience of being able to move PCs, work on laptops, tablets and mobile phones around the office and home whilst still being able to print is becoming standard practice. Here at Wessex Networks we can supply a wide range of Wi-Fi enabled printers or network printers that can be printed to using an App or Apple Airprint. Wireless networking has also become more easier with the increase in Wi-Fi enabled printers, wireless printer servers and wireless access points. This month as ever, I have a great selection of the latest printers and computer hardware products at the most competitive prices you won’t find on the internet. Current Wessex Networks customers are already taking advantage of huge savings purchasing ink and toner cartridges from us and if you still need prices, please contact me on 01293 542080 or email info@wessexnetworks.com. You will see we have some great offers above too, but stock is limited so be sure to contact me if you are interested. Don’t forget that if you refer us to another business, we still have some great rewards for you to enjoy!
As ever, thank you for reading my update and I wish you and your business a successful February!

Posted by Rob Cole,