Andrew Sewell

Andrew spearheads sales, customer relations and is our chief account manager. You'll regularly find Andrew out on the local business networking circuit flying the Wessex Networks flag. When he's not in the office Andrew likes skiing and sailing.

Richard Maynard

Richard is head of engineering, hosting, research and development, and provides overall technical direction to the company. Our products and services, and the way we do things are all influenced by Richard. Richard enjoys skiing and various vehicular-based pursuits when not in the office.

Sandy Garnham

Sandy is our Welsh South African (yes, that’s correct!) Finance Manager who manages our accounts department. Sandy takes care of the company accounts and provides general administrative support. Plus – she makes a cracking cup of tea.

Erica Hearn

Erica is key to the smooth running of the office. She is the glue that keeps clients and engineers in touch, as well as managing a host of admin chores to allow the business to run smoothly. When not at work Erica is a keen gamer and has completed more Candy crush levels than anyone we know.

Dave Hearn

Dave heads up the helpdesk. He has a ferocious appetite for tickets and oversees day to day helpdesk operations. Dave has worked in IT support for his whole career and brings years of hands-on experience to the team. In his spare time Dave enjoys Internet Spaceships (a.k.a. Eve) and bad jokes.

Jon McLennan

Jon is Dave's right hand man. His background in running his own business and doing hardware repairs has been a real asset to the team. He has become "Jon can fix it" in the office and "if he can't no one can". Jon is our in house Apple expert. Once again whats not to know isn't worth knowing. When not in the office Jon enjoys spending time with his wife and young son.

Luke Reid

Luke’s our resident Linux expert and enthusiast. He takes care of managing our cloud operations day-to-day and is likely your first port of call when it comes to anything cloudy! Away from work Luke enjoys Minecraft, classic cars, Le Mans and managing his own online community.

Nigel Bradby

Nigel’s been there, done that and got the T-Shirt when it comes to IT. He’s a valuable member of our “front line” team and brings a calm, smiling face to customers when they are having a bad IT day. Out of work Nigel is a family man and enjoys motorsport – particularly anything American, with a V8 inside.

Samantha Sainsbury

Sam is our marketing and business fairy godmother and has been with us since Wessex Networks day dot. She has provided years of great business and marketing advice and helped us develop the business to be where it is today.