Case study: Maddison

Maddison is a product design consultancy with an established team of problem-solving engineers and designers equipped to meet tough challenges. They have been supporting the medical, scientific, industrial and consumer goods markets for more than 30 years.

The challenge

Maddison was looking for a new IT partner who was able to support their growing and changing business needs. They had a traditional IT set up with multiple virtual servers and satisfactory internet speed in the office. Employees were able to access systems remotely so they could continue to work when the pandemic hit, but not as effectively as the business demanded.

The team also used specific software that they could access from anywhere with clever file sharing functionality that needed an IT set up to support.

The outcome

Wessex IT was recommended by a new employee at Maddison who had worked with the team before. After meeting with us, the other decision makers agreed we were the right partner to support their growing business.

Communication was key. Our first task was to discuss their requirements and explain their current solution to identify cost savings or better suited options. It was apparent that Maddison needed a full IT solution, but with some changes to their set up they were able to make cost savings and reinvest this money in the right areas to grow the business.

Understanding Maddison’s need meant that we could recommend a flexible solution that we would be able to adapt as they went through each stage of growth and change.

With our support, Maddison moved their on-premise server to our state-of-the-art Cloud Platform. This move allowed Maddison to implement a new product data management (PDM) system to help manage all of their documentation and support them to start the process of achieving ISO: 13485 accreditation. It also opened the door for them to be able to work fully remotely and they took the decision to close their office space.


Maddison has succeeded in transitioning to a remote workflow. The company has not suffered any lost productivity from this transition, and in fact has seen many benefits including, happier and more productive employees who no longer need to commute to an office, reduced overhead office costs and the jumpstarting of a new system that provides greater scalability and flexibility.

We have a managed service partnership with Maddison, so we can proactively manage the network and can update and resolve issues quickly and easily. Maddison values good communication and our team provides a personal touch, always talking through options and explaining what solution will work best.

Our partnership with Maddison provides:

  • Flexibility – we are able to adapt the IT set up, scaling up as the business grows and adapting as life, business and people change.
  • Resolutions – we explained simply the current IT set up Maddison had, made improvements and fixed issues to ensure employees could work efficiently.
  • Upskilling – we helped the team to manage tasks themselves, such as importing data on legacy system.
  • Peace of mind – we collaborated with other partners to ensure Maddison’s hardware and software worked together for a smooth transition to cloud and remote working.

Maddison has featured on to share their story: Out of Office: How Maddison Embraced Hybrid Work


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