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Setting up, maintaining and ensuring your infrastructure is in tip top condition is what we do best. Here’s how:

Remote working

To compete in today’s labour market and to get the most out of our teams they need to be able to work remotely sometimes.

Having a reliable and secure remote access solution is a must. It’s also great for business continuity planning such as global health emergencies (e.g. COVID-19), when we get snow or when an employee can’t get to the office for whatever reason. Combined with our cloud services like Cloud Voice (our cloud-based VoIP phone system) or Microsoft Teams staff can often work from home just as well as in the office – sometimes better!


Undoubtedly the hottest topic since cloud; IT security is a top priority for our clients. Along with a focus on best practice it’s baked into everything we do.

We build on traditional, best-of-breed security measures like anti-virus and add on layers of extra defence. These include measures such as two-factor authentication (2FA), Unified Threat Management (UTM) firewalls, Security Awareness Training (SAT), phishing simulation, advanced email filtering and DNS protection (included free with Support Agreements). Integrated monitoring means we can respond to security events in real-time. Bullet-proof business continuity provisions then round off a client’s protection – we use some of the best software in the industry.


Business continuity

Understanding our clients’ risk appetite and sensitivity to downtime guides our value-led approach to engineering solutions and the safeguards we put in place to protect them.

With expertise in high-availability, clustering, backup and replication – with some of the best products in the industry we’ve got it covered.

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