Domain Names

Correct registration, management and renewal of your domain name portfolio is crucial. Domains are key business assets and worth serious money on the open market. Losing them doesn't bear thinking about! Working with a registrar that registers your domains correctly and carefully oversees your portfolio makes good business sense. Contact us for a free domain name check-up.

It happens all the time where agencies register domains in their own names for their clients and clients lose access to their domain, or lose it altogether! What happens if you change your email address and your domain lapses because you didn't get the reminder? Register or transfer today and relax!


Available DomainsTypePrice / Year(s),,,*,*Nominet£20 / 2
com, org, net, info, biz, eu, namegTLD£15 / 1
co, mobi, me, proPremium gTLD£25 / 1
tvPremium gTLD£41 / 1,,, gb.netCentralNIC£70 / 2*Janet£120 / 2

* Restrictions apply. All prices subject to VAT. Discounts available for gTLD and Premium gTLD types when registered or renewed for up to 10 years (5 years for .co).