Employee Onboarding: Securing New Beginnings

Employee onboarding is an exciting moment for every company, marking growth, fresh perspectives, and potential. But as businesses increasingly lean on digital platforms, it’s crucial that this onboarding journey is not only seamless but also secure. In today’s data-driven landscape, integrating IT and cybersecurity into the onboarding process is more than a best practice – it’s a necessity. IT forms the backbone of our daily operations, from handling hardware to navigating essential software.

The advantages of effective employee onboarding:

  • Risk Reduction78% of companies have experienced a data breach due to employee negligence or malice.
  • Retention Boost: Negative onboarding can double the chances of an employee leaving.
  • Enhanced Engagement: Proper training can heighten employee engagement levels to 93%.
  • ROI Enhancement: A structured onboarding process helps 77% of employees reach their initial performance milestones.

Unfortunately, despite the obvious benefits, many businesses have an inconsistent employee onboarding process. This absence often thrusts new members into a maze of company guidelines and platforms, leading to potential missteps, inefficiencies, and security risks.

IT Infrastructure Essentials

By the time new employees step into the office, their workstations should be ready and fully functional. This means having software pre-installed, the most recent security updates applied, and essential backup systems in place. Whether they’re using a desktop or laptop, all necessary peripherals should be set up and waiting. Any delay not only affects productivity but also leaves a less-than-ideal first impression.

Setting up a new user will vary drastically from one company to another depending on the systems they use. When we setup devices for new users the aim of the game is for them to have everything ready to go such as their email account, signature, group memberships, OneDrive, backup SharePoint libraries pre-synced, shortcuts and many other client-specific items. We maintain bespoke onboarding (joiner) and offboarding (leaver) procedures for clients so that we get things right first time, every time.

Cybersecurity Awareness

It’s crucial to identify the precise systems and data that new hires need. Only grant them access to vital resources, and ensure their accounts are protected with strong passwords and two-factor authenticationEnsure that new employees are aware of the potential cybersecurity risks they may face, and the importance of following best practices to keep the company’s information secure. This may include regular training and reminders on safe browsing practices, email security, and social engineering tactics. Our Cybersecurity Awareness Training builds on this foundation, ensuring that employees not only grasp the essentials but also practice them daily, enhancing the overall safety net for your organisation.

Over to You

Employee onboarding, in general, prepares new hires to confidently tackle challenges from the start. When they clearly understand their role and have the right tools available, they’re naturally more motivated and efficient in their work.

If you’re navigating the nuances of IT onboarding, perfection might take time. However, investing in this effort ensures your new recruits start on the right foot. If you need further assistance or support, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for help!

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