Even sheep need WiFi…

We love the wide range of clients and sectors we work with and yesterday was no exception.  We look after a large wireless network for a local estate and yesterday’s project was to provide WiFi at some farm buildings.  Why I hear you ask?  So the owner can keep an eye on her new lambs with a wireless camera!  This was definitely one of the more unusual requests we’ve had in over 15 years but as usual we had a solution…

The farm buildings are nearly half a mile away from the main house and there is very little there in terms of network or broadband infrastructure.  We did have electricity though.  This was going to require some creative thinking as running fibre half a mile across open farmland and the river Adur would be prohibitively expensive.

Working with equipment from our networking partner Ubiquiti Networks we installed a high-speed point-to-point wireless link from the chimney stack of the main house to one of the farm buildings.  In winter we knew there was line of sight between the two.  Despite a few branches and leaves now in between we now this gave us a wireless link of over 200Mb between the two buildings.

From there we installed a single wireless access point (again from Ubiquiti Networks) for the wireless camera to connect to and any other estate staff at the farm who might need it.  Installation, testing and customer handover was all completed in less than a day.

Have you got some awkward buildings you’d like to get online but don’t know how?  Get in touch and we’ll come out and survey for you – it won’t cost you a penny.

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