Microsoft Renames Azure AD to Microsoft Entra ID

Microsoft recently made an announcement that Azure AD (Active Directory), their popular identity and access management solution, will be undergoing a transformation and rebranding to become Microsoft Entra ID. This strategic move is part of Microsoft’s ongoing efforts to enhance and simplify secure access experiences for users.

Starting from August 2023, users will gradually begin to see the new name, Microsoft Entra ID, being implemented across various Microsoft product experiences. By the end of 2023, the transition will be complete, with the new name fully replacing Azure AD in all relevant Microsoft products.

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Why Microsoft is rebranding Azure AD?

The reason behind this name change is the introduction of the Microsoft Entra product family in 2022. This family includes Azure AD, along with other related products aimed at providing comprehensive identity and access solutions. By aligning Azure AD with the Microsoft Entra family and renaming it to Microsoft Entra ID, Microsoft aims to simplify product naming and clarify that Azure AD is now an integral part of a broader suite of Microsoft Entra products. This change reflects the expanded capabilities of the product, which now include secure access to cloud-based apps, devices, and digital workloads, in addition to traditional identity management functionalities.

What does it mean for current Azure AD customers?

The good news is that you don’t need to worry about taking any action. All existing configurations and integrations will continue to function seamlessly, unaffected by the name change. The only noticeable change will be the product’s name itself. Importantly, there will be no modifications to licensing plans and pricing for Azure AD or Microsoft 365 plans that include Azure AD. However, the display names for licensing plans will be updated, with the expected change to take effect on 1 October, 2023.

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