Windows 10 – 7 Features you may not know about…

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If you’re anything like us then you love a good life-hack or technology trick that saves time and makes your life easier.

We set about finding some of the surprising hidden features and shortcuts in Windows 10 and thought we’d share 7 of the best!

1. Virtual Desktops

To help you focus on work and increase productivity, you can sort different programs and windows into separate desktops. To do this, click on Task View (#1 in the image), drag an open application up to the New Desktop icon (#2 in the image). To switch between desktops press ‘Ctrl + Windows Key + Left Arrow/Right Arrow’.

2. Snip and Sketch

Have you ever used the snipping tool? It’s a great alternative to ‘print screen’. In the new and improved tool you can now opt to ‘free-form snip’ (found under the MODE tab) which allows you to draw around the area you want to snip.  You can sketch on or mark-up any of your snips as well to add extra details.

Press ‘Shift + Windows Key + S’ to access the snipping tool.

3. Secret Start Menu

As well as the familiar Start menu there’s also a secret Start menu alongside the tiled menu, accessed by right-clicking on the start button. This is a handy shortcut to many frequently used Windows features.

4. Nearby Sharing

USB sticks be gone! You can now share documents and files directly to other Windows devices connected to your Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. It similar to Apple AirDrop in how it works. Turn this feature on by opening Settings, and in System, select Shared Experiences, and turn on Nearby Sharing.

5. Multi-finger touchpad

These multi-finger tricks (also known as gestures) can save you time when working on a touchpad (or trackpad). Use two fingers to scroll up and down. Three fingers swiped down will minimise everything on your desktop. Three fingers swiped left or right allows you to quickly switch between windows.   Find out more here.

6. Minimise Everything

Need to quickly get to something on your desktop? You can clear away extra open windows on your screen by grabbing the top of the window you want to keep open and “shaking” it. This minimises the rest of the windows except the one you’re holding.

7. Built-in Speech Recognition

And last but by no means least, the mind-blowing speech recognition system. Both speech recognition and voice typing come as standard with Windows 10. Enabling this feature means that when you need to manually text-type anything, you can press ‘Windows Key + H’ and type using only your voice. A great option for dictating emails, recording points in meetings, and even writing up a to-do list, hands-free.

There are more tricks to learn

Let us know what you think of the tips we’ve shared. Have we missed out any of your favourites?  Let us know and we can include them in a future edition.

Need a hand with any of the above features?  Let us know and we’ll be happy to help.

More next time. Meanwhile, if you need any help – with anything IT or security-related – just get in touch.

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