Windows 11 is here. Get ready!

There’s a buzz in the office right now as Microsoft recently released Windows 11 to the general public.  This is the latest and greatest version of its Operating System (OS) and is the main piece of software that makes your PC work – it also replaces the very popular Windows 10.  We were keen to get to grips with it as soon as possible and give it a good workout on your behalf.

Why does Wessex IT need to test Windows 11?

Good question! Well, with any new software release, despite the months and sometimes, years of testing it goes through, there are usually still a few bugs and quirks in the system that can cause issues as it is impossible to account for every user’s individual setup.

What are the requirements?  Does the upgrade work?  Does it break anything?  Does it work with your business applications? How does it perform on different spec PCs?  Our questions are endless and that’s why we’re planning to be running our whole business on Windows 11 before we deploy Windows 11 into your network.

What’s new in Windows 11?

One of the first things users will notice is the updated user interface (UI). Microsoft has moved the start button from the left hand side into the centre of the task bar as well as giving the desktop and explorer windows a new rounded edge view.  Don’t worry though if you’re a creature of habit – there’s a setting to move it back to the left.  There are loads of other subtle improvements, from right-click menus and snap layouts, to name just two.

More importantly – security is a big focus for Windows 11, with a raft of technical improvements under the bonnet to make it more difficult for nasties to infect or damage your computer. Some of these require specific hardware, but most business machines purchased in the last few years should be compatible.

What does this mean for you?

For the moment, not a great deal. Microsoft has started making the new version available via Windows Update function currently in Windows 10.  It won’t install automatically though, and as it’s a gradual rollout you might not even be offered it yet even if you try.

The way we manage updates for our managed IT clients means that when we’re confident Windows 11 is good for your business, we’ll be it rolling out in a planned and controlled way.  We’ll speak to all our managed IT clients in the first instance before we do anything.

What do you need to upgrade?

If you’re of a technical persuasion, the official requirements are here – but put simply, most business machines that are under 4-5 years old are likely to meet them. When the time comes, and as part of your upgrade plan, we’ll check all your machines meet these requirements for you. You might need to upgrade or replace some older ones.

As it’s a full upgrade and not just an update, there’s a small cost – we can do it remotely most of the time. We simply work out the time involved and if something goes wrong we’ll sort that out for you as part of the fixed cost. The software upgrade itself from Microsoft does not have a cost for genuine Windows 10 devices.

Next steps

We’ve already had questions from some of you and if you want to know more about Windows 11 feel free to get in touch. Our award-winning team can guide you through the next steps.

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