About Us

Wessex Networks is an IT outsourcing and managed services provider. We offer a mix of forward-thinking IT solutions, managed services and hosting. Our solutions are practical, cost effective and the right choice for SMEs.

Our main service is IT support but there are a range of other services from hardware supply to hosting to complement this - allowing you to simplify your IT, and consolidate providers. Don't put up with suppliers "passing the buck".

Most of our clients opt for a support agreement or "SLA", although we work on an ad hoc basis too. Service contracts are fixed-cost and provide unlimited support, guaranteed response times and on- going maintenance as well as our market-leading management software. IT's so easy!

Our staff are friendly human beings - not geeks - and experts in meeting customers' needs. We look forward to working with you soon, and hope you will appreciate our knowledgeable and down-to-earth approach.