ADSL Product Page

ADSL is a cost effective product that has transformed the industry and is relied upon by millions of businesses day-to-day. We have a product to suit most requirements from home users to large businesses. It "bolts on" to a telephone line, which you can continue to use for phone calls or faxes.

We recommend choosing ADSL2+ where available. If you have servers and / or remote access we recommend "Premium" services as they have higher upload speeds. For more information on which product is right for you, see our blog post about choosing broadband for business.

For faster products see FTTC or Leased Lines.

ADSL2+ Standard24M1.3M10GB£call
ADSL2+ Standard24M1.3M75GB£call
ADSL2+ Standard24M1.3M250GB£call
ADSL2+ Standard24M1.3M£call
ADSL2+ Priority24M1.3M10GB£call
ADSL2+ Priority24M1.3M75GB£call
ADSL2+ Priority24M1.3M250GB£call
ADSL2+ Annex M Unlimited16M2.5M£call
LLU ADSL2+24M1.3M0GB£call
LLU ADSL2+24M1.3M75GB£call
LLU ADSL2+ Unlimited16M1.3M£call
LLU ADSL2+ Annex M24M2.5M75GB£call
LLU ADSL2+ Special (inc. line)24M1.3M75GB£call
LLU ADSL2+ Special (inc. line)24M1.3M£call
LLU ADSL2+ VF16M1M£call
LLU ADSL2+ VF16M1M£call
ADSL Max Standard8M448k5GB£call
ADSL Max Standard8M448k50GB£call
ADSL Max Standard8M448k100GB£call
ADSL Max Priority8M832k5GB£call
ADSL Max Priority8M832k50GB£call
ADSL Max Priority8M832k100GB£call

Other ChargesPrice
Activation (LLU)Free
Activation (All Others)£call
Cessation Charge£call
Enhanced Care (non-LLU only - more info)£call
Premium Care (non-LLU ADSL2+ only more info)£call
Expedited Repair (more info)£call
Router Pre-configurationFree
Additional Usage (ADSL Max) (1GB)£call
Additional Usage (All Others) (1GB)£call

"Priority" or "Premium" indicates services with traffic prioritisation. BT telephone Line required (except for "VF" services). All products are subject to availability at local exchange. Compatible router required. All connectivity prices are monthly and all prices are subject to VAT.


ADSL products are advertised across the industry with "up to" speeds. When provided with a phone number we can provide you with an estimate of the likely speed you will receive.

The largest factors affecting the speed you will receive are the distance to your local telephone exchange and the quality of your telephone line (including any internal cabling).

Business-Critical Users

If you consider broadband to be critical to your business you should speak to us about a fault tolerant solution and/or consider the enhanced care add-on. There are many options including load balancing, stand-by connections or bonding.

We recommend this because ADSL problems are time- consuming to troubleshoot. When a problem is escalated to BT they have a remarkably long time to fix anything - with no consequences or compensation if they don't. See enhanced care for more information.

Enhanced Care

Enhanced care is available on all ADSL, and Annex M products apart from "VF" services at a cost of £12.50 per month. Premium care is available on all ADSL2+ services apart from "VF" services at a cost of £18 per month. The standard level of care is offered on a "best efforts" basis with a target resolution of 48 working hours (up to 8 days).

Enhanced care vastly improves this by providing a 3 hour response to a problem (either by running tests or allocating an engineer), with a 20 clock-hour target to totally clear the fault. If BT fails to meet these obligations, you are entitled to claim (in writing) compensation of half that month’s service charge. Premium care further increases this with an 8 clock-hour target to totally clear the fault.


Bonding is the aggregation of two or more ADSL connections into one, larger connection. This is great in situations where you outgrow your single connection, download very large files regularly or where you’re in an area that receives slow speeds in the first place.

Bonding should not be confused with load balancing. Bonding is a better solution.

Expedited Repair

If your service has Enhanced Care and you experience a fault, we can offer an upgrade to Premium Care for the life of that fault for a one off fee.