Andrew Sewell: GDB Member Spotlight 2024 — Gatwick Diamond Business, Diamond Magazine

We were recently approached by the networking business, Gatwick Diamond Business (GDB), who asked our Sales Director, Andrew Sewell, to be featured in one of their 2024 editions of Diamond Magazine. Wessex IT has a long-standing association with GDB, having been a member of theirs since 2007, as well as being GDB’s managed IT service provider since 2010. Being a GDB member helps businesses make connections to ignite new opportunities, and gives these businesses access to a range of business services, from networking events to bespoke advice — this is exactly what they have been providing us with, and we’re so thankful for their services.

Why not check out their membership options for yourself here? We’re sure you won’t regret it!

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See what Andrew has to say about GDB and their invaluable services below:

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Name: Andrew Sewell

Business name: Wessex IT

Description: Where great service and creative technology solutions combine, leveraging our portfolio of innovative and bespoke IT support solutions for businesses. We love great service, we love monitoring — we love IT.

Member since: September 2007

“GDB has supported Wessex IT brilliantly and has helped raise our profile exponentially within the region.”

What appealed to you about joining GDB?

I was invited along as a guest and was instantly made to feel very welcome — the meeting was also upbeat and lively. My first points of contact were the likes of Jeremy Taylor and Susan Fleet. Back in 2007, GDB was known under the name of CADIA, and I have been an active member ever since. The rest is history!

What was the thing that surprised you about GDB?

Sally and her wonderful team are always so full of energy, support, and encouragement, as well as delivering a vast array of different events at great quality that are continually uplifting and engaging. Well Done, Team GDB — I love coming along to your events!

What’s the biggest single thing you’ve got from being a member of GDB?

Our profile has been raised since becoming a member, and we are now one of the go-to MSPs in the surrounding areas.

What difference has being a member of GDB made to your business?

Personally, I have met lots of different people, made many friends, and received lots of support whilst growing Wessex IT from a business starting out with just two directors, to a team of over 20. We have met many great people and clients, raised money for charity (in a drive from Manor Royal to Monaco), and made the odd acquisition here and there.

GDB puts on lots of different types of events — what’s your favourite?

I do enjoy the larger monthly Membership Meet ups, where you can catch up with lots of different people in a relatively short amount of time, share stories and experiences, and build strong relationships between businesses.

However, my favourite events are the Networking at Ease lunches. By having a slightly slower pace of networking and getting to meet 8 or so people at a time at each table or course, you get to hear from a few less people, but form quality relationships. From then, I find you build relationships further with those people that you want to do business with.

What’s different about GDB compared to other networking you do?

There is a real great buzz across the entire organisation and there are businesses of all sizes involved within GDB. I really don’t get to meet any of the larger business owners and MDs via other networking opportunities — this is something that GDB are fantastic at doing!

What’s your top tip for getting the most out of networking?

Be present. Give your time freely. Support others by helping them find what they need, and you will be remembered for that — this helps grow trust within your peers.

Besides the events, what else do you get out of your GDB membership?

Mixing with other business owners is a great form of support and reassurance, and knowing a variety of people who can help with lots of different issues is very helpful and useful — from HR, to being linked to the local bank manager!

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