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5 Critical AI Security Implications and Risks

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is completely revolutionising and transforming the way that we live and work every day. Artificial intelligence stands at the forefront of transformation and innovation, and has emerged as a powerful tool, enhancing automation, decision-making, and data analysis. It has the ability to reinvent companies and businesses, improve

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Firewalls: 6 Reasons Why Small Businesses Need One

Firewalls are an essential tool in a small business’ cybersecurity arsenal, acting as a frontline defence for your internet connection. If hackers successfully breach your systems, it can quickly turn into a nightmare situation, leaving you at the mercy of these anonymous attackers. Disturbingly, it took a staggering 207 days

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5 Ways to Prevent Data Loss Within Your Business

Data loss: something that no business ever wants to experience or endure. In today’s digital world, our data is more vital and valuable than ever before — driving creation and innovation, boosting businesses, and connecting a variety of people from all around the world to each other. However, with our

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National Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2023: Keeping You Safe

The digital world is consistently evolving and growing, and becoming increasingly more cunning. With this in mind, it is imperative that we remain cautious and well-educated about any threats or dangers that we may encounter. Halloween isn’t the only frightening thing about October… In recognition of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

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employee onboarding

Employee Onboarding: Securing New Beginnings

Employee onboarding is an exciting moment for every company, marking growth, fresh perspectives, and potential. But as businesses increasingly lean on digital platforms, it’s crucial that this onboarding journey is not only seamless but also secure. In today’s data-driven landscape, integrating IT and cybersecurity into the onboarding process is more

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Direct Technical and Wessex IT Logos

Direct Technical: A New Chapter Begins

We are proud to share the news that we have recently merged with Lewes-based Direct Technical, one of the region’s leading Private Cloud and Managed Service Providers (MSP). Harry and Greg from Direct Technical were welcomed to the wider Wessex IT team earlier this month and work is already underway to start

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