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Why your business needs cloud-based email signatures

Remembering to update your company email signature with the latest offers, products or services can be a little hit and miss, let alone getting an entire business to make sure they have the most up to date, compliant, consistent email signature. It’s a headache for your heads of sales, marketing,

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Why security awareness training is integral to your security

There are many ‘technical’ ways that a company can protect itself and staff from online threats such as phishing scams, malware and viruses, but the human factor still remains the weakest link in your armour. Phishing attacks are a particular problem as the methods that the perpetrators use become more

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Even sheep need WiFi…

We love the wide range of clients and sectors we work with and yesterday was no exception.  We look after a large wireless network for a local estate and yesterday’s project was to provide WiFi at some farm buildings.  Why I hear you ask?  So the owner can keep an

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More on Teams – and our own (bigger) team!

Our recent mailing “Deep Dive Into Teams” created lots of interest amongst our clients. On the Teams theme here’s some more good stuff you might not be aware of: Teams Rooms Are you craving a better meeting room experience?  Whilst not new – Teams Rooms provides a seamless meeting join

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Windows 10 – 7 Features you may not know about…

If you’re anything like us then you love a good life-hack or technology trick that saves time and makes your life easier. We set about finding some of the surprising hidden features and shortcuts in Windows 10 and thought we’d share 7 of the best! 1. Virtual Desktops To help you

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Deep Dive into Microsoft Teams

A few weeks ago the government recommended we all work from home again if we possibly can. Therefore, for the foreseeable future it appears we will be running businesses and keeping in contact with colleagues and customers virtually again. Teams is available with your Microsoft 365 licence and is the

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