Broadband, or connectivity is one of the most important parts of a business network yet it is often overlooked. It connects a business with suppliers, customers and causes major disruption and anguish when it doesn't work. If you use VoIP - it's even worse.

Wessex Networks offers a great selection of end-to-end connectivity services for businesses. We bridge that frustrating support gap you find between IT and connectivity providers by offering expert support for both.

Businesses should consider their requirements carefully before selecting a connectivity product. Why not contact us and we can take you through what's right for your business?

We have a number of technologies available to our customers:

FTTC (Fibre-Optic)

FTTC (aka VDSL) is a new product and part of BT's all new 21CN network. FTTC products provide greater speed and reliability by using fibre-optic cables for part of your connection to the telephone exchange.

Prices range from £34 to £60 with download speeds up to 80Mb and 20Mb upload.

Find out more on our FTTC Product Page.


ADSL has been around since the year 2000. It's a cost effective product that has transformed the industry. Where internet access is critically important this should only be relied upon when part of a fault-tolerant solution. We can also join multiple connections together which is called bonding.

Prices range from £20 to £65 with download speeds of up to 24Mb and 2.5Mb upload.

Find our more on the ADSL Product Page.

Leased Lines

Leased Lines or Metropolitan Ethernet services are the top-tier of connectivity products. They offer the highest speeds, exceptional SLAs (typically at or above 99.9% availability) with 24/7 support and hugely reduced "time to fix" times.

Price and installation depends on location with symmetric speeds up to 1Gbit (1000Mbit).

Please contact us for a tailored Leased Line quote or see an example quote.