BT Redcare’s Inevitable Final Curtain in 2025

BT have made the announcement that on 1st August 2025, they will be withdrawing their Redcare alarm signalling service and operations for all customers. This news has made lots of customers who rely on Redcare worried for the future, as well as start looking for other options to help protect their businesses.

Redcare has been a trusted alarm signalling service choice for over 30 years, helping keep people safe by watching out for critical events, such as burglaries and fires. However, with Redcare’s eventual end coming next year, this means that people now need to find alternative options to Redcare that work just as well, if not even better.

Why is BT Redcare coming to an end?

The telecommunications industry and the way we use phones and technology on a day-to-day basis is continuously changing. With this in mind, legacy analogue services such as Redcare are not able to keep up with the times as well as newer security services. These modern security services now have Wi-Fi and/or 4G options available, which the security systems can then use to immediately alert the emergency services and alarm company.

Change can be scary, especially when Redcare is something that a business has trusted in for a long time. But it’s also important to see this as a chance to invest in a security system that is new and improved.

What other modern options to BT Redcare are available?

Other modern options to Redcare can include:

  • Internet / Cellular Alarm Systems: Instead of using traditional analogue phone lines, these security systems use the internet (Wi-Fi and/or 4G) and wireless cell networks to send alarm signals and messages quickly and securely as soon as something happens. They connect to larger monitoring centres using existing internet networks, making them easy to use and access. This also means that they work well in areas without traditional phone lines, or even during power cuts.
  • Smart Home Security: These systems work with smart gadgets, such as cameras, microphones and speakers, and let you monitor your company building from your phone. They send alerts and can even control things like lights and locks, giving you peace of mind.
  • Online Alarm Monitoring: These security services keep your alarm data in the cloud and watch over your company building in real-time. They’re easy to use and can be accessed from anywhere using an internet connection.
  • All-in-One Security Systems: Some companies offer complete security packages. They include alarms, cameras, and access controls, giving you a complete solution for protecting your business.

Wessex IT aren’t able to provide alarm signalling services however  we can give you plenty of advice on the technology and next steps that you’ll need to take. We can also provide you with the technology that powers these alarm systems, such as SoGEA / FTTP Broadband and VoIP phone services. If you would like to discuss your telephony or broadband within your business — which directly affects these alarm system products — we’re here to help!

Image: BT Redcare Logo

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