The Importance of a Business Email Signature

Email is a vital tool for businesses to communicate with customers, suppliers, and partners. Many of us send and receive hundreds of them on behalf of our business every week.

Based on the statistics provided in the study, the number of email users worldwide is expected to grow in the coming years. This growth is projected to be around 2.5% per year, with the number of email users reaching 4.48 billion in 2024, 4.59 billion in 2025, and 4.73 billion in 2026. If these projections hold true, they will significantly increase the number of people using email globally, with an overall growth rate of 11.1% over four years.

This highlights the continued importance of email as a communication tool in both personal and professional contexts. For businesses, it is crucial to have a consistent, professional, and well-designed business email signature as it presents an opportunity to reinforce the brand and create a professional image with every email sent, thereby enhancing the company’s reputation and credibility.

How does your business email signature look? Is it clean and professional, or is it a mismatched nightmare? Does everyone in your company have their business email signature set up the same? Or are they all varied?

Updating individual business email signatures can be time-consuming and unreliable, and the process can become more challenging with employees using different devices to access emails. A simple piece of software could be the answer your company is looking for.

What is a centrally managed business email signature?

Business email signature software enables businesses to create signatures for Microsoft 365, Outlook and Exchange. It is a centrally managed email signature or footer is a standardised footer that is used across all employees’ emails in a business. The footer contains key information such as contact details, social channels, legal notices, and marketing messages.

Why should business email signature be consistent?

Consistent branding. A centrally managed business email signature means that every employee’s email signature is consistent and up-to-date. This ensures brand consistency and makes your emails look more professional and reputable. With a consistent business email signature, your customers and suppliers will recognize your business more efficiently and have more trust in your communications.

wessex it exclaimer business email signature

Time Savings. Having a centrally managed business email signature also means you can easily update your footer with important information, such as your office hours, holiday closures, or special offers or promotions. This saves time, reduces the risk of errors and ensures that everyone in your business communicates the same message to customers and suppliers.

wessex it exclaimer business email signature

Marketing Opportunities. But it’s not just about saving time and reinforcing your brand. Your business email signature is also an opportunity to market your business. You can include links to your website, social media channels and even include promotional messages or news about your business. This can help drive traffic to your website and increase your brand awareness. It is a cost-effective way to advertise your business and promote your products and services to your clients, customers, and business partners.

wessex it exclaimer business email signature

Signature Designer

You’ll work in the Signature Designer if you want to add or change your email signature design. The Signature Designer lets you customise your business email signatures to suit your organisation’s requirements in a simple drag-and-drop environment.
The below screenshot outlines the Signature Designer layout in the Cloud interface:  

Signature Designer Cloud Business email signatures Wessex IT
  1. Signature name: This is the name of your business email signature, and you can edit it by clicking on the “Click to edit” button.
  2. Toolbox: This includes all the elements and Power-Ups that can be added to the business email signature. The elements are organized into logical groups, such as Text & Fields, Social Media, Legal & Compliance, Tables, Images & Icons, and Power-Ups. Users can expand and collapse these groups as needed.

  3. Signature canvas: This is where your signature design takes shape. Users can create a signature from a blank canvas or modify an existing template. Users can add or remove signature elements by dragging and dropping them onto the canvas. The canvas is divided into different sections, allowing users to add a signature header above their email content.

  4. Preview pane: This displays the business email signature in dynamic preview mode while making changes to the design. Users can resize the preview pane to view the business email signature in different sizes.

  5. Properties: This displays the associated properties of the selected element, such as Text, and allows users to customise the element based on their requirements.

  6. Action buttons: These buttons help users to make and undo changes easily. The buttons include Undo, Redo, Save Changes, and Cancel Changes.

Would you like to know more?

A centrally managed business email signature for Microsoft 365 is a simple yet powerful tool that can help businesses present a professional image, promote their brand and offerings, and ensure legal compliance. By outsourcing this task to Wessex IT, businesses can save time and focus on what they do best – running their business.

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