The Steel Yard: A Crisis Case Study

Client Overview: The Steel Yard

The Steel Yard: a vibrant commercial complex and nightclub in the heart of London.

Struggling with an outdated Wi-Fi solution that hindered user experiences, The Steel Yard recognised the importance of a robust wireless network to meet the demands of their diverse clientele and bustling establishment, and so turned to Wessex IT to transform their wireless infrastructure. Read below to see what work we carried out in order to get The Steel Yard’s Wi-Fi back in good working order, as well as the fruits of our labour!

Steel Yard Cover

The Challenge

The Steel Yard faced challenges with their current wireless network, which consisted of seven Ubiquiti UAP-AC-Pro access points (APs). These access points had limited capacity and were poorly located, resulting in inadequate coverage and subpar performance.

Users were experiencing difficulties connecting to the internet, despite having sufficient bandwidth through their broadband connection. There was also a lack of data capture tools to obtain contact information from Wi-Fi users, leading to missed marketing opportunities. The need for a reliable and high-performance wireless network solution became evident — this is where we came in.

Wi-Fi Coverage Before

Wi-Fi Coverage After

The Solution

Wessex IT conducted an in-depth site visit and devised a comprehensive solution to address The Steel Yard’s challenges. The proposed solution comprised the following key components:

  1. Enhanced Access Points: Replacing the existing APs with ten strategically placed Ubiquiti U6-Enterprise access points. These state-of-the-art access points can provide superior performance, supporting over 600 sessions at 6GHz and 5GHz with speeds of up to 4.8Gbps, and 2.4GHz with speeds of up to 573.5Mbps.
  2. Power over Ethernet (PoE) Switch: Installing a high-performance Ubiquiti 24 Port Multi GB PoE switch in The Steel Yard’s existing network cabinet, in order to power and manage the new access points efficiently.
  3. Cloud Network Controller: Implementing Wessex IT’s hosted Cloud Network Controller, a centralised management platform for the wireless network. This controller offers valuable statistics and insights to track network performance, client usage, and traffic, eliminating the need for costly on-site solutions.
  4. Data Capture and Marketing Solution: Integrating Fydelia, a third-party service, to capture contact information from Wi-Fi users. Fydelia provides advanced analytics, campaign and loyalty program management, and easy integration with email marketing services, such as Mailchimp or Airship.

Jon, Alex and Rob worked closely with The Steel Yard throughout the project, ensuring transparency and minimising disruptions. The installation process involved design, pre-planning, configuration of network elements, cable termination, and the addition of a new patch panel in the existing cabinet.

The project considered the need for running network cables, which were overseen by The Steel Yard’s cabling engineer. We marked out the cable requirements and efficiently terminated them during installation. The proposal also separated the Wi-Fi solution from other services, such as telephone lines, broadband, and firewall migration, streamlining the project execution.

The Steel Yard also have their Wi-Fi splash page set up with Fydelia, allowing their customers and clients to log into their Wi-Fi system with ease — check it out below:an image showing the steel yard

The Results

Our network solution elevated The Steel Yard’s wireless infrastructure, meeting the demands of their expanding user base. With improved access points, a cloud-based network controller, and Fydelia’s data capture service, The Steel Yard now boasts a seamless Wi-Fi experience for all clients and customers.

the steelyard ubiquiti London wessex it
the steelyard it support London wessex it
the steelyard it support London wessex it
the steelyard it support London wessex it
the steelyard it support London wessex it
the steelyard it support London wessex it

Charlie from The Steel Yard had the following to say about the team’s hard work:

“After facing ongoing Wi-Fi issues, Wessex IT swiftly addressed and resolved our connectivity problems with expertise and efficiency. Their prompt and professional service has made our Wi-Fi reliable, enhancing our productivity and satisfaction. We’re deeply appreciative of Wessex IT’s exceptional support.”

The newly implemented network solution ensures The Steel Yard remains a prime destination for businesses and events in London.
  • The wireless network now supports 800-900 Wi-Fi clients simultaneously.
  • Fydelia’s data capture service allows The Steel Yard to obtain contact information from Wi-Fi users, with 87.57% in total opting to receive marketing communications.
  • A Wi-Fi Heat Map indicates robust coverage throughout the entire site, eliminating areas with poor reception.
an image showing the steel yard
an image showing the steel yard

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