Brighton Toy Museum

When approached by one of Brighton’s lest known little Gems back in 2009 I couldn’t help but find myself but curious and wanting to know more. What is this Toy Museum in the deepest darkest arches under Brighton Station? I found myself being invited (with the threat of lunch) and a few days later - I was there.

Whilst the museum had lots of gems, the lighting was poor and it often didn’t set the toys alight in their true glory. I could quite frankly see why the museum was struggling. The situation wasn’t any better with the computers. There is a small research room where volunteers would spend hours scanning old documents to preserve the archives and they just didn’t have the tools they needed.

Since then volunteers and trustees have worked amazingly hard not only to improve the collection but also on overhauling the lighting. The excitement that’s created from the minute you open the doors and slip off the busy high street into the presence of these toys is truly quite impressive. If you’ve not been – you must!

The museum recently saw the return of Tig Savage who is the museum manager who assists Christopher Littledale - the museum’s founder and director. Tig has been tasked with many roles but one of the first was to review the ageing computers which we had donated some 5 years ago!

After a comprehensive audit we identified that the three most used computers required urgent replacement as they were running old Windows XP software which Microsoft stopped supporting in April. This had to change. I am pleased to say that Wessex Networks donated and installed new computers to set things right – all with the very latest software.

Email was also being used heavily by the museum (as it is in most organisations). The old system could only be used on one computer and as volunteers so often worked from home their system needed to work there too. Office 365 was the solution and we were able to organise this completely free of charge. After a quick and painless migration the museum’s helpers have not looked back!

I have to take my hat off to Tig and the volunteers as the number and quality of events going on has massively improved since my visit some five years ago. I asked how working with Wessex Networks had helped her and the museum:

“It’s great I have to say. The administrative activities work quickly and are so much more streamlined with the newer software. I have been able to make the most out of social media and I am using Twitter and Facebook regularly to let the community what’s going on here at the museum.
The computers provided in our resource rooms have enabled volunteers to research and complete their work for the museum as well as helping students and job seekers in the community to find employment and aid in their studies. Wessex Networks made this possible and I can’t thank them enough. I would recommend you to any charity or business large or small. We look forward to working with you and the team for many years to come.”

If you are a charity or business reading this and want to know more about how Office 365 and a trusted IT partner can help your organisation please let me know at as I’d be delighted to help.

Posted by Andrew Sewell,