DNS Web Filtering: Are You Keeping Safe Online?

You’re right.

We do talk about cybersecurity a lot. But in all honesty, it’s possibly the most essential part of your business!

Making sure that your organisation remains safe and secure online is paramount. A way to achieve this goal is by implementing something called DNS web filtering — a powerful, user-friendly method for managing internet access within businesses.

In this blog article, let’s have a look and delve deeper into what DNS web filtering is, how it works, and why it’s so important for your organisation.

What is DNS Web Filtering?

DNS (Domain Name System) is able to translate domain names (for example, wessexit.com) into numerical IP addresses (Internet Protocol) that computers use to identify each other on a network. DNS web filtering is able to manage and control access to specific websites or content categories, to ensure that you stay safe and don’t end up clicking on anything dodgy.

It acts as a gatekeeper, intercepting DNS requests made by devices on a network, and then deciding whether to allow or block access to a particular website based on agreed policies. These policies are created by administrators and can vary, depending on the needs and objectives of the business.

How Does DNS Web Filtering Work?

  1. DNS Request Interception

    When a user attempts to access a website, their device sends a request to a DNS server, typically provided by the internet service provider.

  2. Policy Evaluation

    The DNS web filtering service then intercepts this request and evaluates it against a set of agreed filtering policies, set out by an administrator. These policies can include whitelists (allowlists), blacklists (blocklists), category-based filtering, and more.

  3. Decision Making

    Based on the policy evaluation, the DNS web filter then decides whether to allow or block access to the requested website that the user is trying to get onto.

    If the website is accepted according to the policies put in place, the DNS server responds with the corresponding numerical IP address, allowing the user to access the site.

    If the website is blocked, the DNS server returns a block page or an error message, indicating that access is denied.

  4. Logging and Reporting

    DNS web filtering solutions usually include logging and reporting features, providing administrators with insights into internet usage patterns, blocked attempts, and potential security threats.

Why is DNS Web Filtering Important?

  1. Enhanced Security

    By blocking access to harmful or inappropriate websites, DNS web filtering helps prevent various phishing attacks, malware infections, and other cyber threats, strengthening overall cybersecurity throughout the business.

  2. Content Control

    Businesses can make sure that internet use is appropriate and follows rules and regulations by blocking access to unsuitable or non-work-related websites. This helps keep employees productive and creates a safer online environment for all users.

  3. Bandwidth Management

    Filtering out and blocking high-bandwidth or unnecessary websites can help improve network performance, as well as make sure that essential software and applications get the resources that they need.

  4. Compliance and Reporting

    DNS web filtering solutions typically offer reporting features that help with compliance audits, incident investigations, and policy adjustments. These reporting features ensure adherence to rules and regulations, analyse user internet usage patterns, and address security incidents effectively.

DNS web filtering is a valuable tool for safeguarding networks, enhancing productivity, and promoting responsible internet usage throughout your business. DNS web filtering also plays an important role in maintaining a secure and protected online environment, making it a staple to include within your company.

With this in mind, why not give yourself confidence and peace of mind by getting DNS web filtering incorporated within your business? Contact us today to see what we can do for you! DNS web filtering is included as standard with all Support Agreements.

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