Full Remote / VPN Logon

Sometimes when you’re away from the office (or you have a hosted solution) you might have to perform a full remote / VPN logon. Common reasons for this include:

  • You need to log onto a machine you’ve not logged onto before
  • You haven’t logged onto a machine in a while and the cached password has expired
  • You need an administrative task that runs when you log on and depends on a connection to your office to succeed (e.g. drive mapping, software update)

Before you start, ensure you have:

  • Your username and password
  • Your computer is connected to the Internet

To perform a full remote / VPN logon perform the following steps:

Click on the "Network Logon" button highlighted below. If you don't see this box then you may need to press "Switch User" first, or a VPN connection may not be setup on your computer in which case you should call us or see our VPN Setup Guide

You will see that the normal user icon has changed. Enter your username and password as you would do normally and press enter or click the little blue arrow to log on. It is common for this type of logon to be slower than normal.