IT Support for the cost of a coffee?

If youʼre anything like us the thought of a day without that first injection of caffeine is simply unthinkable.

But what happens if after booting yourself up with a skinny latte your IT network decides to go on an extended coffee break itself? With our increasing reliance on IT to support our business and the continuing challenges in ensuring it all runs smoothly, professional network support has never been more important and yet in tough economic times running a service contract may be seen as an expensive option.

Many of our competitors employ a "one size fits all" policy to pricing their support. We think this is unfair - why buy stuff you don't need? After all businesses are as diverse in their set up as our team is in its choice of coffee.

Here at Wessex Networks we believe professional IT support should be within reach of every business and have created an online support calculator to give you a firm idea of how little you could be spending to secure ultimate IT peace of mind.

Simply have a go with our support calculator (see right-hand side of page) and price your own support in a flash! Our support starts from as little as the price a coffee a day so there really is no excuse for getting stung with pricey ad hoc support.

If you need further help why not give us a quick call? Our friendly, jargon-free team of IT experts are on hand to sort out issues quicker than you can say expresso doppio!

So for the smooth blend of IT support without the grind call Wessex Networks, we make IT easy-peasy!

Posted by Andrew Sewell,