Tech Tip - Cloud Clipboard

With the new Windows 10 update and the new ‘Cloud Clipboard’ feature, you can avoid losing text that you’ve copied, see a history of the text and images you previously copied (via the new Cloud Clipboard feature), and even pin frequently used content to the clipboard permanently. Here’s how to use it:

Hit the Windows key + V. This shows all the content previously clipped and copied.

Select a piece of content from the clipboard history, left click on it.

The next time you select paste from the dropdown menu or hit Ctrl + V you will paste that selected content.

To make a piece of content permanently available in Cloud Clipboard, mouse over the content you want to keep, and left click the horizontal push-pin icon on the right-hand side of that item. The icon should switch to a diagonal position, indicating that it is now pinned to the menu.

Posted by Andrew Sewell,