Tech Tip – Save a Web Page as a PDF

Sometimes, when researching online, it's helpful to be able to collect information in a form that can easily be printed out, so here’s how to save a web page as a PDF from three popular browsers:

Google Chrome:

- Top right (three-dot icon), choose ‘Print’ (or use Ctrl + P)

- In ‘Destination’ choose ‘Change’

- In ‘Select a Destination’, under the heading ‘Print Destinations’ choose ‘Save as PDF

Work through the preview options and select ‘Save’

Microsoft Edge

- Choose ‘Print’ (top right of the browser) or Ctrl + P

- Under the ‘Printer’ drop-down menu select the ‘Microsoft Print to PDF’ option

- Go through the other options (margins and scale) and select ‘Print’


- Use the Windows 10 Microsoft Print to PDF function

- Press Ctrl + P to display the print menu

- Select ‘Microsoft Print to PDF from the printer options, and click on ‘OK’

- Select name and save location and click on ‘Save’


- Under ‘File’ choose ‘Print’ (or Command + P)

- Select ‘PDF’ from the left-hand corner of the window

- For a basic save, select ‘Save as PDF’.

Posted by Andrew Sewell,