That synching feeling…

Synchronisation Illustration Sitting at your desk you've probably got the world at your fingertips. All your files, contacts, emails and appointments right there in front of you - in short, you are in control.

And then you leave the office for a vital meeting.

For many business professionals this is the equivalent of unplugging yourself from your company. Yes you can make calls, get contact information and view emails but is it in real time? Is it fiddly? Is it expensive?

Imagine missing an email on the way to an appointment that gives you a deal-clinching advantage, or the frustration of not having the latest details of a contact to call. Modern business is blisteringly fast so any time lost in getting information could be the difference
between winning the business or missing out.

Here at Wessex Networks we turn that sinking feeling into a synching feeling by keeping you connected to your office even when you're out of it.

It's called Cloud computing. Simply put it's a service that pushes real time information to any connected device be it a computer, laptop, tablet or phone, keeping everything perfectly up to date. In real terms this means never missing an email, being late for a
meeting or struggling to find a contact again.

For details of how you can get "the synching feeling" call us - we make IT easy-peasy!

Posted by Andrew Sewell,


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So excited I found this article as it made things much quciekr!