One IT provider – The top tool in your Business Continuity Plan?

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that technology plays a vital part in modern life, not just in staying connected with our friends and family but with our businesses and employees too.

It’s this latter part that has really defined how well a business has survived throughout the pandemic, and in some cases, even thrived. It has become apparent that businesses not only need to be nimble and adaptable, but they need a reliable infrastructure on which to operate.

We’ve all experienced “those” video calls with screens freezing, or had colleagues not able to connect to the network or customers unable to contact the team. This is not only frustrating for the business but for customers trying to access services or order products.

It is more important than ever that businesses have not just a robust infrastructure but one reliable and efficient company that can supply and maintain it.

What are the benefits of consolidating your IT services?

We can help you consolidate your IT services – taking away the pain of managing your business’ technology. But what’s the benefit?  Here’s our top three:

One contract – Having one supplier gives you one point of contact for all your IT services. So, you benefit from having one supplier contract instead of having to manage multiple contracts with multiple renewals and avoid these lapsing by mistake.

Business continuity – When you have all your services with us, you have stronger business continuity plans as if there is ever an issue, we can diagnose and fix it quicker than working between suppliers. We can also easily help you install new hardware or services for your team and therefore, keeping your business running in an efficient manner.

Accountability – At Wessex IT we believe in accountability. There is no passing a query or issue from one place to another – you speak to us and we find a solution that is focused and tailored to you and your business’ needs.

Why choose Wessex IT as your managed IT provider?

Partnering with a managed service provider takes all the hassle out of running an IT infrastructure and saves you a whole load of time.  We  wrap up a set of carefully selected in house and partner services to meet your needs and manage it all for you.  We publish information about who we work with and how we do it as well.

Those services usually include IT support, business-grade broadband and network infrastructure. Cloud services like Office 365 and Cloud Voice (use your phone system anywhere) are also very popular.  We even offer mobiles, calls and data too.

Then there is IT security – an integral part of almost all businesses. We can help your business protect itself from threats like phishing, ransomware, malware, viruses using a range of different defences.  Combined with our Cybersecurity Awareness Training (SAT) your team become part of that defence too.

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