Bigger and Better: Hybrid IT Solutions Joins Us

Hybrid IT Solutions Logo

Crawley, West Sussex, UK; 9th October 2012: Business IT & cloud solutions company announces the joining of Hybrid IT Solutions and its Director Jonathan McLennan.

We are absolutely delighted to announce that Hybrid IT Solutions and its Director Jonathan McLennan have joined the team here at our Crawley office. This move further strengthens our position as a leading IT and cloud solutions provider and boosts our already recession-busting growth!

We were quick to identify the similarities between the two businesses: high-quality IT solutions backed by great customer service. The merger is a great match and everybody will benefit from Jonathan’s extensive experience in the IT support market. Hybrid’s clients will also benefit from a five-fold expansion of the team and with an even greater diversity of skills and experience.

Jonathan told Director Andrew Sewell that joining Wessex Networks “is a great opportunity not just for myself to work and develop my skills in a larger team but will also mean my customers will benefit from a larger support team and a greater range of services. I am looking forward to working with all my clients and introducing the rest of the team to them.”

If you’d like to know more about this press release call us on 01293 542080 or email Andrew Sewell at

Posted by Richard Maynard,